North Dakota Eclectics

Killdeer Mountains
Situated about forty miles north of Dickinson, North Dakota, the Killdeer Mountains are comprised of buttes rising seven hundred feet above the surrounding prairie. Several other smaller buttes in southwestern North Dakota have the same origin as the Killdeer Mountains. These include White Butte and Sentinel Butte. At one time, all of the land here was at the elevation of the tops of these buttes. The mountains didn't rise; the rest of the land eroded.

The Killdeer Mountains are actually mesas. Mostly wooded, they extend fifteen to twenty miles from northeast to southwest. The mountains have steep sides, and many of them are all but impossible to climb. To the north and northeast is the Little Missouri River and the Badlands.

The Sioux knew the Killdeer Mountains as Tak-kaho-kuty, which means "the place where they kill the deer," which gave them its name in the English language.

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